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NEWLY PUBLISHED: A Brief History of Oral Sex

New on our bookshelf today:

A Brief History of Oral Sex

by David DePierre

The ancient Greeks and Romans considered it degrading to both parties yet depicted it prolifically in art and literature. The Early Christian Church called it “the worst evil,” punishable by seven years of penance and fasting (murder was one year). Nearly all of the 13 original American colonies had laws against it—except Georgia. A Victorian handbook for young brides advised how to “dampen his desire to kiss in forbidden territory.” Attitudes about oral sex have varied through the centuries and across cultures—a death sentence in some nations, a religious practice in others. This book explores its history as well as its impact on world events.

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ANNOUNCING: History of Oral Sex

The bulk of David DePierre’s manuscript about the history of oral sex has just arrived.  Tentatively scheduled for fall 2017 or spring 2018 and tentatively titled A History of Oral Sex, his work examines the general rise, fall, and renaissance of oral sex in world history.  In addition to an overall perspective of the practice by various cultures, the book covers specific times that fellatio or cunnilingus altered the history of people and nations. Reasons for the decline and rebirth of the practice as well as explanations for the different views of oral sex across the globe are examined.

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McFarland Expands with New Imprint


McFarland Expands with New Imprint

JEFFERSON, North Carolina – November 1, 2016 – Scholarly publisher McFarland has announced the launch in November of Exposit Books, a new imprint combining serious nonfiction with a bookstore-first approach. Exposit’s initial offering is Finding Jacob Wetterling by Robert M. Dudley. The book covers in detail the 1989 kidnapping in St. Joseph, Minnesota, of 11-year-old Wetterling, the remarkable response from the community and local and state authorities, the 27-year investigation and its heartbreaking conclusion. The first full group of titles, set for a fall 2017 release, will likewise feature true crime topics.

“We’re releasing six titles the first season, and true crime authors Kevin M. Sullivan and Clayton Delery are both signed on and contributing books for the rollout,” said Executive Editor Lisa Camp. “We will be publishing a wide range of titles, eventually including books about entertainment, psychology, sex, health and history. Our plan is to bring Exposit to 24 to 30 books annually.”

Submissions from authors and literary agents are invited, and should be directed to Camp’s attention at  For more information about the imprint, go to


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